Natural and man-made catastrophes, the precarious relationship between nature and culture, fragility, transience and instability of our world and human existence, and apocalyptic landscape are themes that preoccupy me in the moment.

I am interested in the aspect of the physical and human worlds when things break down, collapse and fall apart, as these are the most powerful and tragic moments that demonstrate finality of  everything and that nothing is eternal.

In the physical world, I believe all destruction or, to use a less burden word, transformation comes from gravitation. I am interested in advancing a socio-geo-cultural theory utilizing a model based on the law of gravitation in explaining the rise and fall of cultures and civilizations in the human world.

I see the critical context for my work in Jack Derrida’s ideas of Deconstruction and Fragmentation  - my interest in the ideas of a structural transformation of the surface, distortion, shifting, dislocation and entropy as well as unpredictability and controlled chaos. Also important in this respect is the ‘Simulacra" concept  of Jean Baudrillard – in the sense as I aim to simulate natural processes, surfaces and materials in creating an illusory perception of a surrogate reality.