My art practice encompasses painting, sculpture, installation as well as time-based media: video and photography. It is concerned with exploration of natural phenomena reflecting their powerful, yet fragile and transient character. I am interested in physical forces, such as gravitation, and geological / tectonic  processes that show the passage of time: shifts, cracks, erosion, fragmentation and entropy.

In my painting practice, I am working almost sculpturally, modelling by shifting, moving the surface and tilting the canvas, utilizing sand, volcanic ash and glass shards or splinters alongside with acrylic paint, pigments and paint spray, creating a seemingly 3-d,
quasi photo-realistic structure.

The making process, which is defined by chance and accidents at the beginning and conscious decisions later on, is very physical. At the same time, it is meditative, demanding total concentration and engagement - on the whole, spiritual as well physical experience.

My installations and sculptures aim to address the precarious relationship between culture and nature as well as reflect the instability and vulnerability of human existence.
They mainly utilize building materials, such as bricks or their surrogates, alongside with residue of previous works, debris and concrete. The bricks are taken out of their cultural context, as one of the main and oldest building materials used for protection, and put in the context where they mean instability and danger. With this displacement, I aim to highlight the unpredictability and insecurity of human existence. What seems safe now, could be destroyed any moment  - as numerous natural and man-made catastrophes demonstrate.