Audio-visual Installation

The idea is to create a space where desert imagery and natural sound would generate a total audio-visual, multi-sensory experience.
Transparent Perspex sheets, so called “Tectonic Plates”, covered with textured “desert” imagery (made from the mixture of sand and paint) on one side and smooth on their reverse will be attached to the walls. The walls, floor and ceiling are painted black and the spotlights will be directed only onto the ‘plates’. While some panels will show their textured, light absorbing front side, the others will show their highly reflective reverse side incorporating a chance reflection generated in the space.
Desert sound: wind, rustling of sand, Aboriginal or Bedouin songs and deep silence. The visitors trigger sound randomly through their movement in the space.

  DESERT ROOM, Model with 12 'Tectonic Plates'

DESERT ROOM, Model with 12 'Tectonic Plates in a dark space with spotlights directed onto them

    DESERT ROOM, A Mocked View, Digital Model