presented on 1 October 2013 at MFA WCA


Natural and man-made catastrophes, the precarious relationship between nature and culture, fragility, transience and instability of our world and our human existence, and the apocalyptic landscape are themes that interest me.

I see the critical context for my art in Jack Derrida’s ideas of Deconstruction and Fragmentation  - my interest in the transforming ideas of a structure’s surface, distortion, shifting, dislocation and entropy; also important is the “Simulacra” concept by Jean Baudrillard – since I simulate natural processes and materials in creating an illusory perception of a surrogate reality.

In my art, I seek to obtain my freedom, my identity and my real self.

I express my vision based on my intuition and instincts.

I am a creator and the medium of the creation, at the same time.

And I am conscious of finality, and that Nothing has any meaning.