Collaborative work

visual:  Eleonora Bourmistrov                                                                                                                                                                    sound:  Cassandra Marshall                                                                                                                                                                     postproduction:  Eleonora Bourmistrov

BEYOND THE CLOUDS is an audio-visual piece that incorporates the imagery of clouds recorded from the airplane alongside with the everyday sound of places and the bus traveling recorded on the ground. Both parallel journeys are independent, meet at certain points in time and depart from each other again.
This work deals with image-sound dissonances and oppositions, disruptions, shifts, contradictions, equally, with moments of a boundaries-crossing, almost transcendental experience in which image and sound, imagination and memory are united in a new holistic, multi-sensory perception.
The piece is intended as a meditative / spiritual experience – contemplation on our life’s journey. The everyday sound extends the visual perception and makes what is underneath the clouds visible. In its turn, the sublime imagery of the clouds that the spectator sees from the above perspective elevates and transcends the everyday sound, expands it above the clouds into a space without boundaries. Later, the auditory perception of rain prepares the end of this spiritual journey in the night and silence.

The audio-visual Installation “Beyond the Clouds” in a dark space with the projection onto the screens / walls and with the surrounding sound  is intended to encourage the audiences to immerse in this total, spiritual and space transcending, audio-visual experience.

                        stills: Eleonora Bourmistrov


audio-visual timeline