presented on 16.11.12 at MFA WCA

15 images below show the context for my artwork: things that inspire, inform and help to contextualize my current art practice.

Needless to say that these images represent only a small sample of things I am interested in.

I have always found poetry very inspiring

Great inspiration comes for me from deserts; here: Sahara

Sahara from an aerial perspective showing dunes created by winds

Sahara Dust off West Africa over Atlantic Ocean

Polar Sea in Antarctic, photo: Britta Lauer

My interest in Cosmos and Night Sky; Iris Nebula

Ancient and sacred Monuments, like the Stonehenge

Richard Serra "Fulcrum 2"

Anselm Kiefer, "Il Mistero delle Cathedrali", 2012

Robert Smithson "Spiral Jetty", slowly disintegrating in salt water

James Turrell's light installations are a pure spiritual experience

I am interested in natural sound:
The world's first pipe organ played by the sea; Zadar, Croatia, 2005

Jack Derrida developed the philosophical concept of "deconstruction",  (post-
structuralism, postmodern philosophy), crucial in cultural and art theoretical studies,
as well as important in practice; here applied in architecture: Steinhaus in Steindorf,

Jean Baudrillard, concept of "Simulacra and Simulation" is import for my work since an
illusion is a characteristic aspect of my current art practice, and imitation of natural processes,
surfaces and materials result in almost 'real' paintings, in a kind of "simulacrum".

The "Silence piece" by John Cage, played here as an extract of 10 sec only